Obtaining a Certificate of Origin is now both quick and easy.

Quickcert USA is the most popular online certification for Exporters and Freight Forwarders on the market today.

Brought to you by Blair Consular Services, Europe’s largest Consular Agent, Quickcert USA allows you to apply online for a selection of export documents using simple templates which look like the actual original forms. Once the document has been certified by the Chamber of Commerce, simply print it off from the comfort of your desk within minutes. If you need additional Embassy legalization, let Blairs take care of the process from start to finish – the choice is yours.

And don’t worry – the service is fully secure – no other certification program provides the same level of data security. Check out our security features here

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About Us

Blair Consular Services Ltd, headquartered in London, is Europe’s oldest and largest consular agent, operating from 3 offices in the U.K, and our newly opened U.S office in Washington D.C. In addition to these locations we also provide a number of ‘in-house’ operations.

Established in 1967, we specialise in providing bespoke export documentation solutions for a wide range of national and international clients.

Our service was initially introduced to provide an effective certification and legalization service for commercial shipping documents for Air Freight agents at London’s Heathrow airport.

Employing over 65 members of staff and operating a fleet of 15 courier vehicles in the U.K, the company is now a market leader in providing specialist export services to customers worldwide.


Key Features

Use the only tried and tested global online certification platform. More than 1 million completed applications!

  • E.C, Arab & U.S Certificates of Origin
  • Document Legalization
  • Global client base
  • Service backed up by over 40 years experience in Export documentation
  • Fully secure and compliant software platform
  • State of the art technology

Certificates Of Origin Explained

What is a Certificate of Origin?

A Certificate of Origin as used in international trade is a document attesting to the origin of goods exported from one country to another. Many U.S. exporters manufacture goods themselves in the United States, and the origin of goods is USA. Many U.S. companies export goods that they originally manufactured or brought in from another country, and the origin of goods is a country (or countries) other than the USA. In either case, foreign buyers will often request a Certificate of Origin stamped by a Chamber of Commerce.

Before QuickCert USA, obtaining a Certificate of Origin stamped by a Chamber of Commerce was a laborious process of creating the Certificate and then sending it by mail, courier or messenger to the Chamber for stamping.

What is a NAFTA Certificate of Origin?


Benefits Of Using Quickcert

Use the only tried and tested global online certification platform. More than 1 million completed applications!

  • Documents certified by the Chamber and returned online in minutes, rather than days!
  • Print right at your own desk, or via any authorized third party user
  • Use one platform to manage multiple branches, e.g Freight Forwarder

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